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Cleene Ethyl Alcohol launches Towards a Cleener Philippines campaign, partners with Plastic Bank to help stop ocean plastic waste

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol, a trusted Filipino brand that provides high-quality and affordable alcohol products from Philusa Corporation, extends its effort in reducing ocean-bound plastic waste as it partners with social enterprise Plastic Bank Corporation.

The initiative is unveiled during the virtual launch of Cleene Ethyl Alcohol’s campaign entitled “Towards a Cleener Philippines,” a movement encouraging the public to be more mindful of the environment by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is in collaboration with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise building collection communities in coastal areas while improving the lives of community members. 

With the Philippines named as one of the top producers of marine waste, Cleene Ethyl Alcohol has taken the leap in creating a positive impact on the environment together with Plastic Bank.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol is helping to prevent the equivalent of 1.25 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Cleene will also help improve the lives of more than 600 plastic waste collectors in vulnerable coastal communities in Makati, Pasig and Mandaluyong with the contribution of health kits.

“It’s always been our commitment to finding sustainable ways to help our environment. And we hope that through this effort, we can contribute to minimizing ocean plastic waste and be of help to our hardworking Plastic Bank collectors,” shared Philusa Corporation President and General Manager Neogin Evangelista.

Promoting collaboration between consumers and brands, our partnership with Plastic Bank enables Cleene Ethyl Alcohol to achieve its annual sustainability goals and empower its consumers to make an impact on the environment.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol’s partnership with Plastic Bank also contributes to the collectors’ income, enabling them to afford basic family necessities such as food, clean water, and cellular service, among others.

Additionally, the company is distributing health kits in several cities nationwide to help improve the health of the collectors.

To date, the Impact Program has stopped over 2, 401, 315,100 from entering the ocean, impacting over 588 communities.

“We are honored to be joining Cleene in their journey in making this project come to life. At Plastic Bank, we are continuously strengthening our ocean-bound plastic recycling efforts and empowering companies like Cleene with opportunities to be a leader in the regenerative society,” said Plastic Bank Philippines Country Manager Rene Guarin.

“We look forward to creating more impact on our oceans and coastal communities in the years to come together with Plastic Bank. We encourage everyone to create sustainability programs in our own simple ways and join our movement towards a Cleener Philippines,” Evangelista added.  

To learn more about this initiative and how you can take part in this movement, visit and 

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